Marian and Zia celebrates her great grandma’s birthday

Marian, Zia, and Grandma Amy celebrated the birthday of Nanay Inkang.

Nanay Inkang turned 87 years old today, as you may all know Nanay inkang was the one who raised our Primetime Queen Marian Rivera.

Since Marian’s parents got seperated and her Mom works abroad it was Nanay Inkang who took care of Marian.

Marian is very very close to her Nanay and make sure they celebrate her birthday every year.

Today they had a simple celebration, Marian posted this photo on her instagram stories.

The 4 generations of Rivera.. Nanay inkang, Lola Amy, Mommy Marian and Baby Zia.

Marian captioned, “We love you Nanay.”

Marian also posted this adorable photo of Zia with Nanay Inkang. “Happy Birthday Nanay.” She wrote.

Happy Happy Birthday Nanay Inkang, we love you!