How Marian manage Flora Vida

Finding some quality time with your husband while taking care of a baby and having a successful career can be challenging.

Marian Rivera-Dantes is just thankful to have a trustworthy secretary, who helps her with her business, schedules and anything she might need.

Marian noted, “As of now, its just me and my only secretary.”

“I do all of it, the design for my box, i bought the flowers and i created my flowers concept.”

“For example, my assistant will me email me and will state that here are the orders for today, hjeres the address and heres the names. She helps me reply to emails.”

She said, “And my letters, everytime someone buy my flowers i include a letter saying something like ‘I hope these flowers set as a little example, when i was arranging them, I feel happy, i hope my happiness extend like the way I love my family to the way you love yours.”

And when it comes to bulk orders, Marian narrated, ” There are just time that you will get tired. That is why Dong asks me if “Im okay” [and I said] ‘Im okay’.

“Even I have burns in mya hands because i always use glue gun.”

It’s not about money or financial aspect, arranging flowers is one of Marian’s passion. She do it for the love of it.

The celebrity mom added, “Its how I am, I do it out of passion. I love it and about the financial maybe someday.

“Right now I enjoy arranging flowers. Its like my therapy or remedy when I am tired.”

“Even if the flowers cost just 20 pesos, i’ll be happy.”