What is Marian’s secret to super toned abs

The ever gorgeous and hot Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera Dantes is an only child that began her fame by getting herself involved with TV plugs and commercials.

Skin White and Sky Flakes were the initial two advertisements that she made. She was just a face on TV and people barely took notice.

With her sultry and charming aura, perfect looks and acting ability, Marian never expected that her life would be with showbiz since she realized that it would be hard and difficult to this kind of industry. After a few years of being somewhat insignificant, she almost gave up. Until her big break, MariMar.

Now, her life has turned around. She is married to famous actor and Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes. They have a child named Zia Dantes.

In an interview, Marian finally revealed how she kept her abs toned even after pregnancy.

She told in an interview that she does Crossfit. At first, Marian always rejects Crossfit. But one time her husband Dingdong Dantes encouraged her to do Crossfit. Afterwards, she liked it and she became active. And it helped her abs to be toned.

An interviewer asked her how much weight she usually lifts? Marian replied it’s not that heavy.

“It’s not that heavy. It’s just about right. It’s chill.”

Marian really loves working out. She also added that she does the workout even by herself. The main goal of Marian is not to lose weight. But to become stronger.

Because according to her, their daughter Zia is naughty, so she needs to be strong in order to keep up with the child.

An interviewer asked Marian about her waistline, Marian said she doesn’t know what is her current waistline but obviously she’s being humble about it.

According to the source, her waistline was 24. But the interviewer said it was 23 now. And added that her waist was XXS. Some articles actually say her waistline is only 19! One thing is for certain, her waistline now is smaller that when she was not yet a mom.

Marian then replied with an “Oo.” then laughs.

The interviewer final question was, what can Marian say about her famous artists’ reaction to her sexy bikini photos. Because last time Sharon Cuneta was surprised by it and said that she was conscious of her body after seeing Marian’s bikini photo. It can be noted that the megastar is very fond of commenting funny ones on Marian’s photos.

Marian replied with a laugh and said to just enjoy life and spread good vibes to everyone. Yan is known to be a very bubbly person who likes to take things positively.