Zia is not afraid of snake

The Dantes Family spent last sunday with some friends, Atienza And Remulla Family.

Kuya Kim Atienza hosted dinner on their house. Dingdong posted a couple of photos on his instagram account.

“Thankyou@kuyakim.atienza and
@feliciaatienza for having us in your home today. Zia enjoyed playing with her new found friends! @gcremulla” he captioned.

Zia were seen playing with Kuya Kim’s daughter.

Zia seem fascinated with the laptop..

And here is Zia wanted to play with the snake.. she is not afraid at all..

It remind us of Amaya, where Marian’s character has a snake twin. Marian is not afraid at all too. She even play with the snake off camera.

Well, Zia is Amaya’s daughter so no wonder.. but Daddy Dingdong is quick to hold Zia’s hands away from the snake..