Marian finally revealed how she achieved her toned abs

The giant cable company Cignal TV even wanted the audience to guess their new endorsers that are unnecessary because from the back, it was obvious that it was Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera immediately.

Yesterday was the launching for DongYan as the newest product endorsers of Cignal TV. The launch was held at Solaire Resort and Casino.

Even when Cignal did not have Dingdong and Marian as their endorsers, there are many who wanted to subscribe to Cignal TV and now they introduce the two as part of the Cignal famiy, for sure many will subscribe to it.

There is a cheap monthly payment and 108 channels, with 85 SD and 23 HD channels
on customers.
Marian was still taping Super Ma’am when she said that they would be an endorser of Cignal TV, but is off the record first because it has not yet been launched.

Marian finally revealed in an interview during the press launch her secret on having a toned abs.

She said Dong encouraged her to do crossfit and it helped her to toned her abs.