Good Vibes: Ang Amerikanong Sikyu!

The story of Chase Marcum III an american who works as a security guard for an exclusive subdivision was featured in Kapuso mo Jessica Soho last sunday.

Chase is an american born, his father is half filipino and his mother is american. He is a war veteran and living a great life in america.

He got a house, nice car and a good job, but when he visited the philippines a few years ago he fell in love.

He decided to move here in the Philippines, and he met the woman of his dreams. And they now have a daughter.. though life in the philippines is tough compare to his life in america he still wants to stay.

So he applied for a job as a security guard to support his family. “Masaya ako dito.” he says.

He is very fluent in filipino, one of the reasons why filipinos are fond of him. Here is the special feature of his story by KMJS.