Zia knows how to show respect for elders

Zia knows how to show respect for elders

Maria Letizia Dantes was the star of the night at the get together of Super Maam cast.

They were invited by Ms. Helen Gamboa for dinner. Everyone were literally captivated by Zia’s charm.

Zia even performed Gangnamn style dance for them. She loves to dance just like her parents..

In this video posted by Andrew Gan on his instagram account, we can see Marian and Zia about to leave..

But Zia seem to forgot something, so she turned around and make Mano as a signed of saying buhbye.

This simple gesture of Zia tells a lot, not only about her, she’s growing as a very respectful and smart child but it also reflect her parents..

They are doing a fantastic job raising this beautiful princess. It also tells a lot about their character.

It makes us DongYan fans very proud.

At an early age, Dingdong and Marian instilled to Zia to respect elders. For them, more than fame what’s important is for Zia to be a good person. Who knows how to respect her parents and others.

Also at an early age they are teaching Zia the importance of prayer. At an early age Zia already know how to lead in praying and memorized prayers.

DongYan is indeed great parents.