Dantes Family visited Ninang Helen and Tito Sen

Ms. Helen Gamboa invited Dingdong Marian and Zia Dantes to their home and graciously prepared dinner for them.

As you may remember, Ms. Helen Gamboa is one of their Ninangs in their 2014 wedding. Marian also worked with Ms. Helen in Super Maam.

Marian personally asked her Ninang Helen to play the role of her grandmother in the series.

Dingdong posted this group photo on his Instagram stories.

While Marian posted this photo with Zia and Ninang Helen. Zia is so sweet.

Ms. Helen also invited the cast of Super Maam. They all became so close with one another.

Marian said in an interview before that one of the things she is thankful for doing Super Maam is becoming close to her co-stars.