Celebrity drool over Marian’s sexy photo

Marian Rivera seems to be unstoppable in posting her hot and steamy photos online.

She is on a roll in posting her uber sexy beach and bikini photos it’s almost a thirst trap for all of us.

Some celebrities shared their comments on Marian’s photo.

Sharon’s comment was “I want to cry again. I am so hungry because I’m on a diet and then I will see my goddaughter that has a body of a 19 year old as if she doesn’t have a husband and a child. I want to eat a whole cow right now. Instead of jumping out of the balcony and meeting Lucifer as I go down. Waaaah! I wish I have a shooting where I am a victim and it will be easy to cry. My dear, you’re so perfect!”
Maria just replied that they will visit her soon.

Pokwang asked if Marian really gave birth because it seemed like she didn’t.

Carmina Villaroel also commented on Marian’s sexiness.

Many other celebrities poured their comments and drooled over Marian’s unbelievably sexy bikini photo.