DongYan’s sexy dorky dance

Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes with their 2 year old daughter the adorable Baby Zia is currently in Subic for a 3-day vacay!

They were joined by Dong’s childhood friend Harvey Camposano and his Son IƱigo and one of Dingdong’s cousin.

Harvey posted a cute photo yesterday of his Son with Zia. He said that his son beat him because he has a Valentine’s date.

Here is Zia in a yellow bathing suit with Daddy. She got Mommy’s smile!

Today, they rented a boat to enjoy the beautiful water of Subic Bay Free Port Zone.

The parents flaunt their sexiness today. What a gorgeous couple.

Dingdong also shared photo of him. So damn hot!

They also showed their dancing skills… Marian captioned, “Walang basagan ng trip.”

So cute!