DongYan is all lovey dovey for Valentines

Dingdong and Marian went out of town to have a short vacation by the beach.

They shared a series of photos of their vacation. Mostly Zia.. Who is clearly love the beach just like her parents.

Dingdong and Marian shared a couple of photos of Zia playing in the beach while they closely watch her.

Dingdong posted this photo of Marian and Zia as they watch the sunset.

Daddy Dong also posted this photo of her beautiful wife..

While Marian posted this lovedovey photo with Dong.. Can you feel the kilig?!

We can’t stop smiling seeing this photo!

As you all know Zia was conceived during valentines day 3 years ago during DongYan’s vacation in Palawan.

We are praying for a Baby brother for Zia.