Netizens reaction to Zia at Gymnastic Class

Baby Maria Letizia who is onlt 2 years old is now attending a gymnastic class and she is enjoying every bit of it.

And so as the netizens.. Netizens can’t get enouh of Zia’s cuteness as her Mama shares some photos of Zia stretching and spliting as she learns more about gymnastic.

Here are some of their reaction..

Here is the news from 24 oras…

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera signed a contract with GMA Network Inc. for only one year. Because most likely, she wants to have another baby and a sibling for Zia. Baby Z is already 2 years old, her firstborn with Dingdong Dantes.

Marian’s decision to have another baby seems great because she and Dingdong Dantes aren’t getting any younger. Besides, Zia also needs a playmate.

Dingdong and Marian are responsible parents so we all know they can afford to have one to four children and we’ll be sure they can give them a bright future.

Why do you think Dingdong Dantes is a big target of the gossips for the senatorial candidacy in 2019?

The rumors threatened others because they knew they would be in a serious fight with Dingdong as a person known to have the passion for helping.

Dingdong is like Richard Gomez, who has long dreamed of entering the public service but after being elected mayor of Ormoc City, is doing good job.

For actors, like their next dream of politics, are almost always the same as the showbiz’s environment and the wrist one.

In other words, Dingdong is more credible and entitled to run as senator and to serve our country.

He has a focus on life, has a heart to do what he says, trustworthy and honorable.

Aside from Alfred Vargas, now a congressman, I can’t think of a young actor who has Dingdong’s dedication, when he wants to do something, he is 100% interested and focused.

Hopefully, Dingdong will continue his dream of helping on a larger scale that he has started with his youth foundation.

And Dingdong is not plastic like everyone else. Dream big Dingdong, you know that because I know you will give your best.