Marian and Karylle’s Beso

It was reported earlier that Marian Rivera-Dantes and Karylle met during an event.

Karylle’s bestfriend vice ganda revealed it in showtime last week. He said that Karylle find Marian very beautiful and told her, “Ang ganda naman.” And they make ‘beso with eachother.

Vice also revealed that Karylle finally realized that she has moved on and her heart is at peace now.

Marian also spoke about the encounter, she said she has no problem with karylle ever since.

That everything is fine between them. And they met even before the said encounter at the dolphy tribute a few years ago and they said Hi to eachother.

No one seem to captured Marian and Karylle encounter until today.

Fashion Pulis posted a short clip of Marian and Karylle greeting eachother..

Video from Fashion Pulis.