Dantes Family to take a vacation in Europe next month

Kapuso Queen Marian Rivera was breath-taking when she walked into the GMA Network boardroom to renew her contract with home studio. The one and only Kapuso Primetime Queen showed no trace of ever giving birth and was ravishingly beautiful in a revealing white dress that hugged every perfect curve of her body, “I really prepared for this contract signing,” Marian said smiling.

GMA Network executives Chairman and CEO Felipe Gozon, President and COO Gilberto Duavit, SVP for Entertainment Lilybeth Rasonable, APT Entertainment CEO Mike Tuviera, and Triple A’s Rams David were all present during the contract signing.

Some members of the press had a chance to interview Marian at a press conference held right after the contract signing.

During the interview, the Kapuso actress-TV host declared, “Proud to be Kapuso talaga ako forever.” [I am a proud Kapuso forever.]
Marian said she never entertained the thought of leaving the Kapuso network.

“Wala naman kasi akong maisip na dahilan para hindi ako mag-renew sa GMA. Una sa lahat, sila ang bigay sa akin ng break. Pangalawa, parang forever ko nang tatanawin na utang na loob na kung ano naman ang meron ako ngayon is because of GMA yun. Dahil yun sa pagtitiwala nila, sa project na binibigay nila sa akin. So what else can I ask for, di ba? Binigay nang lahat ng GMA at saka wala nang ibang dahilan para di ako manatili dito.”

[I can’t think of any reason not to renew my contract with GMA. First of all, they gave me my big break. Second, I will forever be grateful of whatever I have now to GMA. Because they trust me, they have faith in the projects that thy give me. So, what else can can I ask for, di ba? GMA has given me everything and there is no reason not to stay here.]

The A-list celebrity hopes to return to the big screen “Even when I got married and had a child, they were there to support me and they were very patient with me. When I went back to work, they gave me very good projects that fit me, now a wife and mom, and may concern talaga sila sa career ko.”

In her new contract, Marian’s first project will be a primetime series that will show her dramatic prowess once again after she was assigned hosting duties and parts in fantasy and adventure series more recently. She will have as co-star an actress who, like Marian, is admired for her beauty and her acting skills.
Showbiz is almost tempted to reveal who she is, but no—Marian will do the honor of announcing who she is when she gets the go-signal. What Showbuzz can promise is that the tandem will be a very exciting collaboration between Yan and this veteran but still very beautiful actress.

Meanwhile, as Marian waits to start her TV project, she and her Triple A management are looking into the possibility of a movie as it’s been quite a while since Yan appeared on the big screen. She admits she misses it and hopes APT Entertainment will find the perfect material for her movie comeback.

Whispering a few other details to Showbuzz, Yan admitted they already have a character in mind for a movie—a role that is unlike anything she’s ever done before.

“The role is on my bucket list and it’s very challenging because I want to do something out of the box. Itong gagawin ko na ‘to, pag natuloy, maraming magtatanong kung bakit at kung paano yun nagawa ni Marian? And that’s the kind of question I’d be very excited to hear,” Yan enthused.

[If what I will do will push through, many are asking why I will do it and how I will do it. And that’s exactly what I am very excited to hear.]

Now with the primetime series and this intriguing movie project is brewing fans can continue to see Yan on “Sunday Pinasaya” and her Saturday afternoon anthology, “Tadhana.”
“I love the two shows—Sunday Pinasaya allows me to be me because masaya siya at magaan, and [because it’s fun and light] Tadhana naman is very challenging as a production of GMA Public Affairs and an advocacy.”

Thankfully, this super star and super mom is succeeding in balancing her time between work and her hubby and daughter, Dingdong Dantes and Zia.

“Since finishing ‘Super Ma’am’ and waiting for my new projects to start, I’m back to the role that I love the most—being super mom! Dong and I decided to have a three-day Valentine’s getaway with Zia in a beach. We’re also booked for another vacation in Europe before the end of March.”