In Photos: Zia takes Gymnast Classes

Just last month, Mommy Marian shared the story of Zia when she accompanied her Daddy Dong to the gym.

Marian said that Zia could hold on to a monkey bar for 10 seconds. So she got the idea that maybe Zia’s sport can be gymnastic.

“Sabi ko, ahhh baka puwedeng maging gymnastics ang sports niya.’ So tingnan natin kung saan siya mas magiging okay.”

Now Marian posted photos of Zia taking gymastic class. She is so flexible.

Zia can even split! Marian captioned, “Good Job Z!” Marian is so proud of Zia.

We do believe that she could be our future Gymnast!

Look at Zia’s smile.. she is enjoying her gymnast class.

Here is Zia doing the monkey bars last time she went with her Daddy at the Gym.

Good Job Z!!