Marian laughs at Luis Blood Moon

Some local showbiz celebrities are waiting for the release or showcase of the phenomenon of super blue blood moon last Wednesday night.

Angel Locsin is one of those, but take note that in the photo she released on Instagram, a man with a tattoo posed during the moon watching. The man was not named but has a skin head hair style.

Of course, who is it but Neil Arce, her boyfriend?

Neil’s presence can somehow be felt in showbiz, so we know that it’s his trademark – a skin head and a tattoo-filled arm!

If the other posts for blue blood moon are serious, Luis Manzano’s IG posts once again showcased his humor and quirk.

He has a shot of the blue blood moon but when you examine it, it is actually a potato! It was Julie Anne San Jose who revealed it while Meg Imperial was laughing at Lucky’s post.

In his very funny post, his caption was “Ang ganda ng blood moon!!! Nakakaiyak!!!” [The blood moon is so beautiful!!! It makes me cry!!!]

Marian Rivera and KC Concepcion were also laughing histerically at the jokes of Luis!

Luis, though not a Kapuso, maintains a close relationship with Kapuso Queen Marian Rivera.