Marian sings Total eclipse of the heart with Regine and Aiai

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera had a singsing showdown with Regine Velasquez-Alcacid and Aiai Delas Alas.

The Three Queens came together for the segment “Ang mga Doñas ng Manila.” As you remember Regine was offered to be part of Sunday Pinasaya but she declined.

She felt guilty as some of her friends from Party Pilipinas will end up without a job after Sunday Pinasaya replaced the show.

But Regine sometimes is a guest in Sunday Pinasaya. It would be nice to see her with Aiai and Marian more often.

The chemistry of these three is undeniable.

Now as everyone knows Marian is not a singer but everyone gets excited when she started to sing.

She belted total eclipse of the heart with Aiai and Regine.

Here it is…