“Ano naman mapapala ko sa pagba-bad vibes, di ba?” – Marian Rivera

Kapamilya star and host Karylle met her ex-boyfriend Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes and his wife, Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera met at one event.

Vice Ganda revealed this on the episode of It’s Showtime on its “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment on Monday, January 29.

Vice started to ask a contestant if he was ever hurt in love.

The conversation goes a long way in the way people react when they know that their ex is about to get married.

“Let’s ask Karylle because she just met Dingdong,” exclaimed Vice to his co-host and best friend, who was sitting as one of the TNT jury yesterday.

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After that, Vice shared the encounter between Karylle and Marian.

“Nakasalubong niya [Karylle] sa isang show,” Vice shared. [She bumped into her in a show.]

“Tapos sabi niya, nakasalubong niya si Marian.” [She shared that she saw Marian.]

“Gandang-ganda raw siya kay Marian, kaya bineso niya daw. [She shared that she found Marian very pretty. That’s why they kissed cheek to cheek.]

“Tapos pagbeso niya, ‘Oy, ang ganda naman.’ [When they did, she said to her, Youre so pretty.]

“Tapos pagtalikod niya, na-realize niya na ang payapa na raw pala talaga ng puso nila, kasi nagbeso sila, tapos gandang-ganda daw siya kay Marian.”At that point Vice asked Karylle to continue the story because she did not initially shared about the confrontation with Dingdong.

[And when they turned they backs, she realized that they are already at peace with it because they got to kiss. She even found Marian very beautiful.]

“Bineso niya si Marian, pero hindi niya nakuwento kung bineso niya si Dingdong,” Vice said.

[She kissed Marian but she did not share whether she did the same to Dingdong.]

Karylle said, “I just said hi.”

Not mentioning which event the three met, it was found that it happened at the opening of COUTURiSSIMO at Greenbelt 5, Makati City, on Friday night, January 26.

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November 2008 was when Dingdong and Karylle confirmed their separation after three years.

From 2007 to March 2008, Marimar, the teleserye was running and it was where Marian and Dingdong first met.

The two are linked.

March 2014 was when Karylle was married to Sponge Cola vocalist Yael Yuzon.

After nine months, Dingdong and Marian were married in December 2014.

Dingdong and Marian have a child, Zia; while Karylle and Yael have no kids yet.

The Kapuso Primetime Queen opened up about the encounter anew.

“Nagkasalubong kami, and then hi, hello, tapos may sinabi lang siya sa akin, tapos exit na, basta ‘yun na yun,” she said. [We saw each other. And then we said hello. She just said something to me and then she went ahead. That’s it.]

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Marian couldn’t understand all the fuss about the meeting.

“Since day one wala naman akong problema sa kaniya and everytime na nakakasalubong ko siya, OK naman ako sa kaniya at binabati ko naman siya,” Marian said. [Since day one, I never had a problem with her. Everytime I see her, it’s okay. We’re okay. We greet each other.]

She emphasized that it wasn’t the first time she and Karylle were face to face, contrary to how people deem it to be.

“Sa Dolphy Tribute nagkita rin kami, so OK naman,” said Marian, referring to an event in 2012 to commemorate the Comedy King.

[During the Dolphy Tribute, we saw each other as well. So, it was OK.]

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Dingdong and Karylle broke up in 2008, shortly before he and Marian began dating. Dingdong and Marian were married in 2014, and they welcomed baby Maria Letizia in 2015. Karylle married pop-rock artist Yael Yuzon in 2014.

In the press conference, Marian was also asked about another high-profile ex-girlfriend of Dingdong Dantes — Antoinette Taus.

“Wala naman din akong problema sa kaniya at nagkita naman kami dati, nagbatian naman kami OK naman, wala naman talaga,” Marian said.

[I also don’t have a problem with her. We also see each other. We greet each other. We’re okay. There’s really nothing.]

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She stressed that she had no issues with all of her husband’s past loves.

“Oo, parang, ano naman mapapala ko sa pagba-bad vibes, ‘di ba?” she said.

[Yeah because what will I get if I get jealous or bad vibes.]