In Photos: Daddy Dong and Baby Zia’ sweet moment at a birthday party

Daddy Dong and Baby Zia went on a sundate today, While Mommy Marian is away doing her show Sunday Pinasaya Daddy Dong took charge on taking care of Zia.

Dingdong and Marian are both hands on when it comes with Baby Zia. When they have work, they make sure they don’t work at the same time so one of them can take care of Baby Zia.

Daddy and Baby Zia went to a friend’s birthday party. Quinns 1st birthday party. Some of the party goers shared a photo of Daddy Dong and Baby Zia.

Looks like Daddy Dong with the other daddies in the party.

A group photo with the celebrant..

Daddy and Baby tandem..

And here’s a sweey moment of Daddy and Zia..