Matthias on Marian “We all look up to Ate Yan, she knows how it works, she shows us how to do it the right way. “

Marian Rivera’s leading man in Super Ma’am, Matthias Rhoads has been in-contract with GMA-7 for nine months.

Is there a Kapuso actress that he likes?

He replied, “Walang ligaw, pero crush, there are so many! [I have so many crushes. Ang daming magandang artista sa GMA. [There are so many beautiful actresses on GMA] Like Sanya Lopez! Who else? So many pretty girls! Let me try to think… but a lot of them are taken! Lovi Poe is cute.”

He has a lot of crush but he is not courting anyone yet.

A few weeks ago, we saw Matthias talking to young fans watching their taping at the Ninoy Aquino Parks And Wildlife Center.

He seems to like kids.

He said, “Well, everybody’s been a kid, right?

“And I believe that I’ve been fortunate enough to have a good, positive childhood.

“And I know that, you know, not everybody has the exact same experience, and it’s probably a big thing for them to see me.

“I mean, I don’t really think much of it ‘cause I’m just doing my job, you know, I wanna do a good job.”

Super Ma’am has many young fans.

Their show is five months gone, how about Matthias and Marian’s working relationship?

Fil-Am model-actor says, “It’s great!”

He learned a lot about Marian.

“It’s always learning every time, and I think she sets a good example for all of us in the cast. We all look up to Ate Yan, she knows how it works, she shows us how to do it the right way. So, every time that she’s acting, I’m not so bothered … I watch her. Because she knows how to act and she knows how showbiz is done. When it comes to acting, I’m always ready to hear whatever suggestion … if she says, ‘Oh that’s good!’ Then it’s really good.”

Is it really difficult to have a very good leading lady but is married, especially when Dingdong Dantes is her husband?
“Ha! I’m sure! “And Matthias laughed.

“I’m gonna assume yes, because if this person is single, wow, let’s, tara let’s!

“I’m single, right? So then it’s easier to get to a level with no … there’s no having to back off, no restrictions. ”

Matthias does not yet know Dingdong personally. He did not say that Marian’s husband once visited the Super Ma’am set.

Matthias’s New Year’s resolution is to learn more Tagalog. He was learning Tagalog, so it was “it got better and then it got worse,” and the young man laughed.

His parents visited the Philippines this December and they had pure English conversation.

His ‘best Chrsitmas gift’ are also from his parents.
“It’s a bluetooth speaker, but my favorite Christmas gift was my own, I bought my lens for a camera.”

He likes to travel so the camera is useful to him.
And instead of traveling to New York City, where he was basically based, Matthias preferred to take a trip to Asia.

“Maybe Vietnam,” he said, “I really love to travel!”
He already traveled in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, and China.