Touching Moment as Marian approach and hug an old fan she hasnt seen in awhile..

For the past couple of weeks Marian has been looking for a particular fan, “Lola.” Who used to watch Sunday Pinasaya Live in the studio.

She asked fans in the studio, “Nasaan na si Lola? Yung laging nanonood.”

Fans answered her, “Hindi na po pinapayagan ng anak.” You can see Marian’s sad face.

Then she asked the fans, “Saan ba nakatira?” A fan aswered, “Sa fairview yata” Marian said, “Malayo?”

And Last saturday, Lola watch Sunday Pinasaya again in a wheelchair.

When Marian saw her she immediately goes to Lola, to greet her and give her a hug.

Marian is so happy to see her well, she truly misses her.

Marian is so loving to her fans, specially to her erderly fans.