Ninang Sharon promoted Flora Vida By Marian

The one and only MegaStar Sharon Cuneta was beyond grateful for the wonderful presents sent by Kapuso Primetime couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes on her birthday. The lovely couple are very close to their Ni

nang Sharon. And being the generous people that they are, they gave the Megastar wonderful gifts for her birthday.

The veteran star took to Instagram to show her heartfelt appreciation for the couple.

Sharon posted, “Thank you so much, Dingdong, Yanyan and Z for the wonderful gifts! I looooove hydrangeas so much that I had them stenciled on the walls of my guest banyo in my former condo unit! And I’ve been eyeing all of ‘em Gucci with prints like this! The Flora Vida flowers are so nice and it makes me happy knowing that they will last long and will keep reminding me of your thoughtfulness. Thanks again so much! Love you! Ate/Ninang Sharon. @dongdantes @marianrivera.”

Sharon also promoted Marian’s Preserved Floral Arrangement Business FLora Vida By Marian.

“reallysharoncuneta My inaanak sa kasal, the beautiful Marian Rivera, has this new business of selling beautiful flowers! She sent me a box for Christmas and I have a feeling they’ll last a loooooong time? Check it out.”

Marian commented and thanked her Ninang “Thank you ninang i love you.”

Awww so sweet.