VIRAL: Marian Rivera dances “Budots”

In the episode of Sunday PinaSaya, Marian Rivera again proved her reign on the dance floor.

In a segment together with Primetime Queen Comedy Queen Aiai Delas Alas, the ‘kambals’ showcased their dancing version of the viral “Budots dance.”

Budots is a form of 140 bpm (beats per minute) electronic dance music popular in the Philippines, popularized by radio stations like 97.1 LuPigSila and you-tubers like CamusBoyz from Davao City in Mindanao.

Budots is also present on the radio, but most common for cellphone speaker, fiesta party sound systemsor internet. There are several accounts with budots music on soundcloud.

The term budots is the slang for “tambay” which means people with no jobs or permanent jobs.  They have more free time in their hands so to speak.  The dance was branded “Budots” because the folks who started it are “tambays” in a small Barangay in Davao City.  Barangay Camus in Davao is a small quiet town until the techno music plays that signals the whole town folks to get out of their houses to dance “Budots”.

“Budots” is a combination of a tribal dance and a Pinoy’s imagination that gave the first its modern twist.  The steps look freestyle but they’re actually based on the Badjao dance.   Badjao drum beat mixed with techno music equals “Bistik” or Bisayan Tikno (how a person that speaks Bisaya would pronounce techno).  And for those who are not aware, Bisaya is the dialect that Davaoeños speak.

Comments came from netizens as they watched Marian’s performance on the dance floor.

Currently, there are over 100k views on YouTube.