Dingdong To Marian, “Lumundag Pa Tayo Baby.”

The Kapuso King Dingdong Dantes (with the help of Gab Valenciano) prepared for his wife Marian Rivera ia sweet, charming and good vibes video.

The couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary last Dec. 30 and Dong really tried to make an anniversary video for his wife which he posted on his Facebook account.

Dingdong’s caption on the video which now has 3M views, “Marian Gracia Dantes, I have not have any material gift to offer this year, but I just want to give you this. A collaboration with the genius artist, Gab Valenciano of Nativ. Watch. Listen. Dive in. ”

The video was very sweet where Dong and Marian were seen at various places and occasions, including some scenes in their prenup video and at the wedding three years ago.

Dong’s voice will be heard throughout the video narrating his message for the spouse, you really feel his message is from the heart.

It started with, “Hi baby, here we are again, another year, another blessing. Ano pa bang masasabi ko kundi this has been the best three years of my life?”

All through the video Dong’s wonderful words to Marian will make your heart melt.

Part of his message, “I once said I can jump off any cliff no matter how high as long as I know you are there holding my hand. And so, we did jump quite high, yet here we are, safe and sound. ”

He also thanked the wife for being such an inspiration to him.

“Thank you for all I want to do in life, fulfilled and fulfilled for you. And this is because you inspired me to be the best Sixto that I can be. You are the perfect element that I need to lead this family which we heed.
“When I look at you, all I see is pure love. A love that allows me to see beyond myself, a kind of love that gives me limitless choice, peace and hope. ”

Before the video ends, Dong said, “You showed me what it is like to create a miracle. And within that miracle, we created this beautiful being. ”

And in the frame enters their beautiful daughter, Maria Letizia.

“We must have done something good to deserve this little princess,” he added.

Here’s another killer line said by the actor: “While I cannot promise the whole world to you, I will give you mine, my love, my loyalty, my passion, my service, my honor.

“Marian Gracia, mestizang Caviteña, I am so excited for what is in store for us. And the best part is, we have the rest of our lives to figure it out.

“Happy anniversary.Lumundag pa tayo, baby ”

Marian replied to her IG account and thanked her husband.

“Thank you for everything I want to do in life fulfilled and fulfilled because of you. It’s because you inspire me to be the best sixto that i can be … “- Jose Sixto

“Thank you very much, I pray that our Heavenly Father will guide us further in heaven. And to those who are deviously loves and pray for us. Thank you very much.