Fans Go Crazy Over Dingdong’s Video

Dingdong Dantes surprised Marian Rivera with a special video message for their third wedding anniversary last December 30.

It was in the midst of New Year’s Eve celebrations when Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera gave fans one more highlight before the year ended.

On the occasion of Dingdong and Marian’s third anniversary on December 30, Dingdong surprised his wife with a special video message on Facebook.

The video was a montage of their ongoing love story.

From clips of their prenuptial video to snaps of their current family life, it was a compilation of their greatest moments so far, with each one punctuated by Dingdong’s heartfelt voice-over message for Marian.

Fans of the real-life couple were moved by Dingdong’s gesture.

Apparently, many fans greeted 2018 with hearts full of love, thanks to the video.

Each fan tweeted their favorite quotes from Dingdong’s message.

Even non-fans of Dingdong and Marian seemed to have gathered love from their video.

Just one person is enough to keep someone going. Not a DongYan fan but Dingdong reassuring and screaming how he loves Marian is more than enough to prove she is one beautiful human being.
— LIFE AS WE KNOW IT (@ivanovacristi) January 1, 2018

But among all the parts of the anniversary post that made it one for the books, many of those who watched agreed that one segment wrapped everything up in a pretty bow.