Zia’s sweet message for her Mama

Dingdong Dantes made a very special and heartfelt anniversary video for his wife Mariaj Rivera-Dantes.

“Hi baby! Here we are again. Another year, another blessing. Ano pa ba masasabi ko kundi, these have been the best three years of my life. The story began with a boy who hailed from Manila and this pretty girl born in Madrid. She grew up praying to meet the man of her dreams.

He grew up dreaming to meet the woman in his prayers. One day, a decade ago the universe conspired to make them meet. And together, they decided to make the story complete. And so here we are, a new chapter in our story … one that together we work hard to make. though we pale in comparison to His glory.

I once said I can jump any cliff no matter how high as long as I know you are there holding my hand. And so we did jump, quite high, yet here we are – safe and sound.

For simply being you, please allow me to thank you dearly. Thank you, dahil sa lahat ng gusto kong gawin sa buhay, natupad at natutupad ko nang dahil sayo. And this is because you have inspired me to be the best Sixto that I can be.

You are perfect element that I needed to lead this family, which we heed. When I look at you, I see pure love. A love that allows me to see beyond myself.. A kind of love that gives me limitless joy, peace and hope. through His most gracious light we have added one to the team..

You showed me what it was like to create a miracle, and within that miracle.. we created this beautiful being. We must have done something good to deserve this little princess. Let us then vow to do something great.

I once vowed that while i cannot promise the whole world to you, i will give you mine, my love, my loyalty, my passion, my service, my honor. Marian Gracia, mestizang Cavitena, I am so excited for what is in store for us. And the best part is — we have the rest of our lives to figure it out. Happy Anniversary! Lulundag pa tayo, baby!”

Baby Zia also has something to say to her Mama..