Top 5 Instagram Babies

Here are our 5 favorite celebrity babies:


Maria Letizia or Zia took the genes of her parents, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes.
This royalty baby is beautiful in the eyes of Yanyan and Dong and the millions of netizens following her.

Zia’s trademark “nguso” has become known to everyone and people try to mimic it.

Zia is also cute in twinning with her mother’s outfits especially their bikini outfit.

Zia’s photos and videos are always overflowing with likes and shares, just like her photo in Siargao that she pose on the sand, in a bikini and still pouting.


Every child on Instagram are usually sharing accounts with their parents, but Scarlet has her own account.

The beautiful face and the red cheeks of the baby catches the attention of the netizens. And as she grows, she becomes even more cute, smart and kind.

All of her videos show her sweetness to all the people she encounters. Being generous to love the people around her mommy and daddy is very evident.

And her unique characteristic is her intelligence. And of course, she’s also a fashionista.

The netizens will not forget her Aubrey Hepburn costume from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Severiano Elliott or baby Seve, son of Toni Gonzaga and direk Paul Soriano, is also famous on Instagram. Toni’s Instagram account always has posts of Seve’s moves that are so entertaining.

It is also worth noting that the baby will have a perfume in a store while Toni is testing. Everybody wants to touch it.

Toni’s sister Alex Gonzaga is crazy about her nephew.


UPDATES of the beauty of Isabella Padilla, Mariel and Robin Padilla’s daughter are also famous on Instagram.

Having charming and beautiful eyes is one of the traits of the lovely Isabella. Her eyes are a mix of her dad Robin and her mom Mariel.


Regine Velasquez and Dingdong Dantes’ son Nate also has fans on Instagram with all his photos and videos.

Regine and Ogie show their child’s kindness to God, because they are given an angel.
Nate is very affectionate which his parents and other fans love.

Everyone is excited about Nate’s ability to sing. He has a potential to be a great singer granted that both his parents are singing superstars.