Dingdong wanted to meet FPJ

Dingdong Dantes is thankful to the Philippine Academy of Film Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) for his special award, the Fernando Poe, Jr.

Memorial Award at the end of the 65th Evening Night of the prestigious award-giving body.
Dong was unable to attend the awards night held on Dec. 28 because that time, he was in Siargao with the whole family and on his behalf, his co-PPL Entertainment artist Carlo Gonzales received the award.

Dong posted on his Instagram account his acceptance speech read by Carlo.

“Last December 28, @jcdgonzreceived this trophy on my behalf. He also delivered a message, which I want to share with you. Here goes ….
“Good evening. I’m currently in Mindanao with my parents and my whole family for a short vacation.

“I am one of the millions of fans of Fernando Poe, Jr. Too bad that I did not see him or know him personally.

“In my 19 years of being in this industry, he has always been one personal who guides me in making decisions throughout my career. Having known his body of work, and more so his character behind camera- he truly is the one and only KING of Philippine cinema.

“I am humbled and grateful to receive this recognition which I highly dedicate to my wife, and my daughter Letizia.

“I also want to share this award to all the men and women whom I have worked with – those who tirelessly dedicate their talent to earn a living for their respective families- from crew, stunt men, cameramen, creatives, technicals, Production designers , musical directors, art directors, directors, staff, co-actors, and producers.

“Without one of these talents, none of the beautiful content that we now enjoy and appreciate would have come to life. FPJ, I believe, was present in all these tasks. He valued people more than just doing his job. He believed in inclusivity, fairness, charity, love for country, and most of all-dedication to his family.

“That, for me, makes him more than a King- but a hero.

He may have portrayed heroes on the big screen, but in real life, he was indeed one.
“This award will definitely drive me to always passionately do my best in all my endeavors, weather on cam, or off cam.

“Chris Lowney, one of my favorite authors in leadership, says, ‘Heroism is a commitment to a way of life in pursuit of goals and dreams greater than oneself.’ I have not met FPJ, but his spirit, influence, and inspiration will forever be alive, and will evolve in me.

“HE IS THE REAL LODI. Thank you very much, “the long actor’s post.

Meanwhile, last Dec. 30, Dong and his wife, Marian Rivera celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary and the couple greeted their IG accounts.

“I can do this over and over again, but in a simpler setting. Happy anniversary, my wife, “Dong’s caption on Marian’s picture in a wedding dress taken during their wedding three years ago.

On the other hand, Marian’s post is “forever started 3 years ago. Yes, I believe it. ”