2017 Top Celebrity Fashion Items

Here are the most interesting fashion staples of the past year as modeled by our favorite celebrities.

  1. Pajamas and tracksuits – be it satin, cotton or any form of this comfy outfit


  1. Mega-ripped jeans – funny that the ripped jeans actually cost that the ones that are not.



  1. Skirt and sneakers – a casual and fab combo



  1. Pink ruffled skirt – for the lady in all of us





  1. Ruffled shoulder top – something about these ‘bakuna’ ruffles seem fun and chill





  1. Frilled dresses – These seemed to be the in thing of 2017



  1. Blazers – these made a comeback again this year



  1. Crop top long skirt combo – It is the ultimate chic combo

  1. Gucci and D&G shirts – Who wouldn’t wanna rock a shirt that costs at around P50,000?