Zia shows her “kulit” side during the Gonzalez reunion

Right now, the Dantes family, Dingdong, Marian and Zia, are resting in an undisclosed place for the holidays. Before the trip, they attend the reunion of Dong’s family.

At that reunion, Zia shocked all the attendees and their relatives. She was the star of the party and she was really a star!

That’s why Dong is proud and was the one who posted Zia’s party scene on Instagram. He’s proud that his daughter is able to entertain all their relatives.

Zia was the star of the night when the Dingdong Dantes clan reunion this past holiday.

Dong is a proud daddy posted on Instagram the picture of his little princess who was facing away from the camera because she is facing her cousins while performing.

“Somebody performed really well last night # GonziReunion2017,” was the caption of Dong.

“Bata pa lang marunong nang mag-enterain n mga tao. Zia is so cute and smart. She is the star of the night,” commented a follower of GMA Primetime King. [She’s still young and yet she already knows how to entertain people. Zia is so cute and smart. She is the star of the night.]

In Dingdong’s photo on IG, he, her daughter and wife Marian Rivera boarded a plane for their holiday vacation. We’re just not sure where they will celebrate New Year!

When Yan returns, she will again continue with Super Ma’am taping.