In Photos: Zia told her Ninong “Ninong Oli Let’s Pray”

Here are the photos shared by Sir Oliver Amoroso from his lunch date with The Dantes Family.

MAKATI CITY: Get together with Dong, Yan and Zia Dantes earlier as we leave another year behind and start another one ahead. I love this family.

My god daughter Zia is growing up fast — beautiful, smart, funny, and very sociable. As Dong articulately said, “This a perfect time for us to catch up and get together, Kumpadre. We really treasure our friendship and relationships, more than any material thing is what we live for.”

Get together with the Dantes Family at Chef Jessie’s restaurant.

Shaking Ninong’s hand..

Zia is growing up fast, beautiful, smart, funny and veru sociable.

May inaanak told me “Ninong Oli let’s pray.” God Bless you my inaanak.

Yan and Zia.