Marian says bashers won’t make her quit

Many celebrities have taken to Instagram and other social media accounts their family life. Some celebrity kids even have their own IG account even before they can learn to read.

Marian Rivera is not about to hitch on the bandwagon though. She prefers to have glimpses of her life with firstborn Zia posted on either husband Dingdong Dantes’ Instagram or hers.
However, Marian did not create a separate account for Zia as this is their way of letting her grow up with some privacy.

“Ay ayoko. Kung gusto niya (Zia) mag-Instagram paglaki niya, gawin niya. Pero parang kami ang hahawak? (No). Gusto naming ibigay yung privacy na para sa anak namin,”[I don’t want that. We want Zia to create her own IG when she grows up. We won’t manage it for her. We want to give her privacy.] Marian told The STAR in an interview after she was launched as the first brand endorser of Snow Crystal White Tomato, a skin-whitening and anti-aging food supplement.

Nevertheless, mother and daughter’s bonding moments have brought in more likes, follows and engagement to Marian’s well-curated Instagram, which recently reached the four-million mark in terms of number of followers. She also has a Facebook account with over 18 million likes, but her IG appears to be more personalized.

Marian Rivera has been the target of many online bashing for years. As much as she is transparent to people, she truly cannot please everyone. Nobody can.

The delete button is definitely her friend.

“Let’s say, yung mga nag-ko-comment ng hindi maganda sa Instagram ko, nag-de-delete ako. Siempre hindi naman papayag yung totoong nagmamahal sa akin na may namba-bash and… ang negative! So, I simply delete them. Dini-delete ko kasi nag-aaway-away na,” she said, adding that she will never give them the chance to exchange tirades on her Instagram. [Those who comment negatively on my IG, I really delete it. Of course, those who truly love me will not want me to be bashed as well, and the negative. So I simply delete them. I delete it because it starts fights.]

Marian is ever as apathetic about her bashers. She really doesn’t care and she just cleans up her social media account as best as she could. Plus, she said she would rather “take care of my daughter and arrange flowers,” referring to her new floral arrangement business Flora Vida.
“I’m not affected by the negative comments. My god, every time I see my daughter, whatever they say, my reaction is, OK. Kung anong buhay ngayon, trabaho lang walang personalan.

[Whatever life I have now, it’s just work. Nothing personal.] Especially now that I’m working for my daughter.” Even as one of the most active and followed personalities, ergo, one of the most exposed to the good, the bad and the ugly online, Marian swore that she never thought of quitting social media.

With Jhun Tizon and Erick Armigos, vice president and president, respectively, of VIDA Nutriscience, Inc., makers of wellness products Snow Caps, mySlim and Snow Crystal White Tomato, of which Marian is the first celebrity endorser “No, because I want to post and share the happiness that I have, especially when it comes to my child, with other people. Like yesterday, I came home from work, we got finished at 2 a.m., then I woke up early because I had a shoot, then when I arrived home, I saw my daughter, hay, ang sarap! Whenever I see my child, wala na!” Marian related. “So, bahala ka diyan! Ano ako? Panget ako? OK lang, sige, push mo yan ‘Te (laughs)! ” [So, whatever. What? I’m ugly? Fine. Just do whatever.]

Meanwhile, Marian Rivera’s Super Ma’am is doing amazing in the ratings. According to Marian, she’s done with “pa-sweet or pa-sexy roles” because “I’ve really embraced my role as a mother now…. It has always been my dream to become a mother.

“I want to be a good example for those who are afraid to become mothers or have children, that it’s not true (there’s nothing to be afraid of). Sayang ang pagkakataon. [The opportunity is there] I want them to know that just in case God gives them the opportunity (to give birth and raise a child), it will really give them a different kind of happiness.”