Marian and Dingdong’s favorite breakfast

The fast food giant McDonalds has been with Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes ever since. The two were part of McDo’s National Breakfast Day for several times.

This is a good cause for them because it caters to the early birds, such as security guards, sweepers, vendors and many others that wake up while everyone else is still asleep.

Celebrities like Marian Rivera-Dantes, Dingdong Dantes and Enrique Gil took part in “National Breakfast Day,” surprising early morning workers with free breakfast.

“Ako, personally, breakfast is fun. Your mind is fresh, you get to reflect and think and plan kung anong gagawin mo sa araw na ito,” Dingdong explained in an interview with on what breakfast means to him. [For me, personally, breakfast is fun. Your mind is fresh, you get to reflect and think and plan whatever you want to do for the day.]

“Especially if you have a very hectic day, it’s important to have the proper nutrition and energy to make you last all throughout the day,” explained the Kapuso Primetime King, who takes a heavy breakfast usually after his morning run at 6 a.m.

“For me usually, my heavy load is the first part of the day before lunch. So it’s perfect, I get all the nutrients that I need to make work easy.”

Eggs are his breakfast staple for protein, “At s’yempre, ‘di mawawala ang coffee,” he noted. [And of course, coffee should always be there.] “’Yung Cheesy Eggdesal ng McDo, paborito naming mag-asawa. Sa ang bago ngayon, ‘yung Burgerdesal, okay ‘yun kasi may protein at carbohydrates.” [The Cheesy Eggdesal of McDo is also something that me and my wife love. The Burgerdesal is good because it has protein and carbohydrates.]

Dingdong’s wife, Marian, also stressed the importance of breakfast.

“Syempre, ano ‘yun eh first meal of the day, s’yempre lalo na kung may gagawin kang trabaho, kailangan talaga busog ka kasi ‘di ka makakapag-isip ng tama ‘pag ‘di ka kumain,” she said.

[It’s our first meal of the day. Especially when I have a lot of work, I need to eat a lot because I need to be full. I can’t think clearly if I don’t eat.]

“When you skip meals, you irritate your stomach,” Dr. Ma. Cecilia Catapang said in a talk in Makati City recently. She warned that when the stomach is irritated, it can lead to inflammation and in the long run, diseases like ulcer and stomach cancer.

Studies show that those who eat breakfast have improved concentration, better performance and lower cholesterol levels than those who skip it.

What is Dingdong and Marian’s daughter, Zia’s favorite breakfast? Apparently, it’s Marian’s breast milk.

As the actress and TV host explained: “Ako talaga, isa talaga ‘yun (breastfeeding) sa mga tinataguyod ko na gawin talaga ng mga nanay na i-breastfeed nila mga anak nila kasi mas maraming benepisyo ang makukuha nila, para din sa mga anak nila na maging healthy at ‘di sakitin!” [For me, it’s really something I push for. I advocate breastfeeding for mothers because there are a lot of benefits that they can get. It’s also for their children to be healthy and not sickly.]