Boobay Learned To Be Generous Through Bff Marian

Can Boobay give his promised TV set to a fan of Sanya Lopez? They have guested on “Celebrity Bluff” where Boobay is one of the bluffers.

Sanya’s fan requested for a TV set to send to her father in the province.

Boobay said she related to the said fan because they did not have TV sets and they just watched TV in their neighbors’ house. So she promised Sanya’s fan that she would give her a TV set.

The other viewers who have watched can’t help but wonder; can’t Sanya give the TV set to her fan, why won’t she be the one to give the TV? She’s the closest person to her fan and she was cheering the loudest for her.

Perhaps Sanya just gave the cash prize she has won to her fan?

Anyway, Booby seems to have adapted from friend Marian Rivera the attitude of being generous. She also knows how to share blessings. Boobay and Marian are really close friends.

When Boobay was stroke, Marian paid for her hospital bill to P1 million.

Marian also paid for AiAi delas Alas’s wedding gown to Gerald Sibayan on December 12. The Super Ma’am star also threw a bridal shower for Ai-Ai.