OFW saves an Arab Man from flood

A Filipino OFW was hailed a hero after he has saved an Arab man from drowning in the flood in KSA.

According to GMA News’ “iWitness” report on Thursday, the viral video shows that the police officers threw a life jacket at the Arab man with a disability that could not get out of his vehicle since the car was stuck in the flooded highway.

In this situation, the Arabs could not reach the life jacket and no other police man or person could come near him. It was rather a desperate situation.

So the OFW named Dawood Balindong, who was in the area, had gone straight to the accident area and braved the flood to rescue the Arab man.

He wore the life jacket to the Arab and gently carried him out of the car to save and bring him to a safer place.

Balindong was given recognition for what he did. His rescue video has then gone viral and he has received good comments and recognition from all over.