Turning 30? Here are some celeb tips

It sometimes freaks out women when they realize they will soon turn 30. But this is not something to be scared or worried about. If anything, it’s the peak of glamour.

The secret is to knowing your own style by 30. Here are some of our favorite celebrities and their style guide.

1. Stick to what looks good on you
It’s important that we “know [our] body frame.”

Not all clothes are designed to fit all shapes and sizes. One blouse may look good on one and ill-fitting on another.

Don’t buy clothes because it’s trendy. Know your body frame, know your body size. Know your body.

IMAGE @stylizedstudio on Instagram

2. Invest in the basics

The trick to looking good is keeping your attire age-appropriate and fit for the occasion.
When you’re 30, your clothing pieces should be more structured. It should always be age and occasion appropriate.
It would be best to fill your closet with good-fitting blazers, wide-legged pants, pencil cut skirts, and nice-looking tops.
When you wear really nice tops, even when you are wearing tattered jeans, it still looks elegant.

IMAGE @marianrivera on Instagram

Angelica, Maine, Kim, and their embroidered jeans

3. Wear those heels

Always wear heels.
Even if you’re not used to wearing heels, it’s good to start with short ones. Wearing heels can boost women’s confidence. Plus, it looks good even when you’re wearing a casual or formal attire.

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4. Choose comfort over trendy
At the end of the day, comfort is still the absolute rule in fashion.
When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you are exuding confidence effortlessly. It’s always your comfort and aura that matters. If you can pull off a jumpsuit with comfort and confidence, do it. If it makes you feel good, wear it.
You are free to listen to your inner fashionista.