Marian is not interested in the rating game

Everyone is now glued on the primetime series “Super Ma’am” starred by Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera. And since she’s a hands-on mother to her unica hija with Dingdong Dantes, Zia, the series suits her well.

Marian has been gone from primetime for almost two years. Her last series was “Carmela” with Alden Richards.

In the head-to-head Primetime battle today, the competition is stiff because of the fight for the highest rating Primetime show.

But for Marian, she does not think of the pressure of her job, she just wants her job well and she is happy to work.

What’s special about “Super Ma’am” with the previous title ‘The Good Teacher’ and Marian chose this as her comeback teleserye? It is an action-packed teleserye and stunts are extreme. Why not a drama? Especially now that she is a mother and a housewife.

“Maraming pinepresent sa akin ang GMA-7 pero ito ang napusuan ko, especially wholesome siya. And at the same time action talaga ang hanap ko. Eh kasi yung talaga ang gusto ko, action scene, ewan ko ba, wala lang gusto ko lang talaga ang ganung genre ng project,”

“I really trained hard for this role dahil marami akong fight scenes at ayokong magpa-double.”
[GMA-7 has presented a lot to me, but this is what I liked,especially it’s wholesome.

And at the same time action is really what I’m looking for. That’s why I really want action scenes. I just really enjoy that genre.

I really trained hard for this role because I have many fight scenes and I do not want to ask for a double.]