Zia is the next MariMar

Marian Rivera-Dantes recently went on senti mood and sudden flashback on a pic that she had posted on Instagram.

The picture is so cute wherein her and Dingdong Dantes’ daughter, Maria Letizia, is playing in the swing and plays with her pet dog, Amigo.

“Awww Mariamar and Fulgoso, este, si letiZia and aMigo pala! Hahahaha! Ang saya nila panoorin … “Yan’s happy caption.

In the Pinoy version of the Mexican telenovela Marimar is where Marian first appeared as a lead in GMA 2007. The best friend of her character in the series is her dog Fulgoso.

DongYan fans are so excited because they feel that Marimar is the future of Dingdong and Marian’s little girl.

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The netizens also love that Yan has a pet dog because it is good for children to grow up in an environment with love and concern, not just for humans but also for animals.

Happiness that we get from pets is really indescribable. And besides, Marian and Dingdong has a another watchdog that plays with Zia, his name is Amigo.

The adorable pic on IG’s Yan with 3.5M followers has already more than 36k likes.

Marian later posted her solo pic with her white Moschino shirt and matching denim jeans and denim jacket.

“While waiting for my date!” Is her caption ¬†with a #DayOffMunaSiNanay hashtag.

DongYan is really our #CoupleGoals and what adds to the color and beauty of their married couple life is the little angel Zia, who is not far from being in showbiz someday.