Marian Blooms Even Lovelier With Her Pinoy-Made Outfits

Marian Rivera has just signed a new contract with the popular Filipino brand Kultura. And with it, she seems to be even more blooming and so much lovelier with her new endorsement.

She is blooming like a pretty Flora Vida flower and she doesn’t look tired.

Even when she’s super busy in the Primetime show Super Ma’am, she still looks fresh on TV. We can also see that she is still active and enthusiastic in her fight scenes with the Tamawos.

Super Ma’am has found what would defeat Baraka so, that’s one less problem for the Pinay super hero teacher to worry about.

Meanwhile, the character of Jeric Gonzales as Isagani is slowly being revealed. His character shows he is to be trusted.

He killed the snake who was carrying the sakra that defeated Baraka. How can Isagani help Super Ma’am in her fights?

Just stay tuned in every weeknight. The story is getting more and more intense. Super Ma’am is becoming stronger and fiercer. How will her story unfold?