Who Is Marian’s New Fan?

Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera’s fans will love Mark Andaya, the basketball player turned actor and stars as a Tamawo in Super Ma’am and one of Marian’s opponents.

Marc posted a photo on Instagram (IG) about Marian who was opposed to the recent writings.

In case you missed, there was an article written to expose Marian’s alleged unprofessionalism.

Many co-stars came to her defense and debunked the article. In fact, they said the exact opposite. That Marian is nice and kinds.

Mark’s post: “I did not know what I did so right in the past than I am blessed now to be friends with and working with the Primetime Queen Ms. Marian Rivera-Dantes! If you asked me many years ago if I’m going to be an actor and I’ll be on a big teleserye for one of the biggest networks in the country, with the biggest stars, with the best production assembled, i would laugh so hard and I’m sure you, even harder! I still have a long way to go to really carve a niche in this industry but for starter, i know i have this veteran mentor with me who despite being the biggest superstar now remains ever so grounded and helpful to guide and give constructive criticisms for a neophyte talent like me! May Gof continue to bless you and your family as you become a blessing and an inspiration to others as well. ”

Mark Andaya is very sweet and vocal about his admiration to Marian.

Well, if we are in his shoes, we’d be just as proud.