Marian’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

What does Marian do to maintain her beautiful skin as she moves through the different phases of her life?

Marian’s tip #1: Keep It Simple.

“Moisturizer, sunblock, and lipstick masaya na ako!” [Moisturizer, sunblock and lipstick only, I’m already okay.] Whether she’s in a shoot or travelling with her family, Marian swears by keeping her skin moisturized and protected from the sun. “Kasi ’diba when you travel, nagda-dry ’yung skin mo. So moisturizer talaga, hindi mawawala ’yun.” And to seal her look? “Addict talaga ako sa lip tint,” she reveals. [Because when you travel, your skin becomes dry. So I always have a moisturizer. And I love lip tints]
Marian’s trademark makeup look wherever she goes? Fresh-faced and naturally gorgeous!

Marian’s tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New.

Marian confessed that after she became a mom to Zia, she had very little time for her beauty routine so she slacked off a little bit. “To be honest, kapag mommy ka, lalo na if hands-on ka pa, parati kang puyat,” Marian explains. “And marami talagang changes din na mangyayari. Like minsan, iisipin mo na bakit may ganyan ako ngayon—eh dati naman, wala. Now, it takes more effort para hindi mag-mukhang haggard.”

[To be honest, when you’re a mom, especially a hands-on one, you will have less sleep. And there are many changes that will happen. Like, sometimes, you will see things on your body and face that you have not had before. Now, it takes more effort not to look haggard.]

She shared how she discovered a new treatment from Dra. Vicki Belo – the Thermage. It’s a non-invasive surgical lift that uses collagen. Since Marian is afraid of needles, she said that this treatment is perfect for her.

Marian has been with the Belo Medical Group for a long time now and she has 100% trust with them.

Beauty Lesson #3: Have A Positive Mindset.

“Mas importante pa rin ang totoong buhay na meron ka,” [It’s really important to be true.] Marian reveals. That’s why her number one advice to looking gorgeous inside and out is to be happy and to prioritize what’s truly important to you. “Now na may anak na ako, nag-lessen na ’yung drama ko. I learned to embrace [what I have],” [Now that I have a daughter, I have lesser drama. I have learned to embrace what I have.] she explains.“Hindi na rin ako natatakot tumanda kasi aging is a natural thing. And with treatments like Thermage, it makes it easier to accept pa,’diba?” [I’m also not afraid to grow old because it’s a natural things. And with treatments like Thermage, it makes it easier to accept aging.]