What Is Aneurysm And How Can It Be Prevented?

In a statement on Wednesday, Isabel Granada’s husband explains that Isabel experienced aneurysm and brain hemorrhage that affected her heart condition and led to her being comatose.

What is aneurysm and how can it be prevented?

Last year, actor Julio Diaz experienced aneurysm and survived. The program “Pinoy MD” discussed this issue with regard to such ailments related to brain nerves.

Based on studies, most of those with aneurysms are people between the ages of 35 and 60. It is also said that women are more likely to have it than men.

Sadly, aneurysm is a silent killer. It can show you no signs of sickness just before it strikes.

Isabel Granada can be considered healthy. She’s fit and active. She even plays badminton. But that’s the scary thing about aneurysm. It can be much unexpected. It is best to always have yourself regularly checked. Of course, living a healthy lifestyle is key.

Unfortunately, aneurysm has taken Isabel Granada’s life last week.

Learn the signs of aneurysm and what to do to avoid this. Check and discuss “Pinoy MD” about aneurysm.