Prime Minister Hun Sen meets Marian Rivera

Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen were all smile when he finally met Marian Rivera-Dantes.

Her husband Dingdong Dantes came with Marian for the event.

Marian Rivera feels blessed because of her successful action-drama series Super Ma’am on GMA Network. She also continues her endorsements. She is even the latest ambassador the Kultura Filipino brand.

“I am happy to have been chosen to be part of Kultura, because I’m really proud of the good work of the Filipino people,” Marian said when confronted with reporters wearing a Nuevo with pearl necklace dress styled. “Isa pa madali silang kausap, madali kaming nagkasundo sa mga gagawin ko sa loob ng fifteen months na ako ang face ng Kultura.”

[There are easy to communicate with, we easily agree with what I will do within fifteen months of my endorsement with Kultura.]

According to Kultura, the idea of ​​getting them to Marian as an endorser was when she posted a photo of her wearing silk dress when she and her husband Dingdong Dantes attended the inauguration of Vice-President Leni Robredo.

According to Kultura, “We started receiving inquiries for the clothes that Marian put on and if it was available in our stores. And Marian has just been promoting her social media accounts, with inquiries and prospects for Kultura.

Marian was more than willing to accept the offer to support her advocacy to smile of children with cleft palate and others requiring repair surgery.

“I’ve been advocating for three years and I’m a Smile Train partner,” Marian says. “And they agreed that part of the sales of Kultura today, November 9, will be given to Smile Train. We have operations for 100 plus children in December. There are around 6,000 plus we have been given help here and abroad for children with this disability. Marian is happy that her endorsements and advocacies can work together.

Kultura is not strict, she can mix-match with those she wears. She will also have a Kultura partnership, and she can design clothes. But rather her designs on clothes, she will do on jewelleries because her designs are perfect her love of pearls.