What Is Marian’s Secret?

Marian Rivera is one of the best faces in the showbiz industry. She has been watched for more than a decade now as she was growing up, to meeting and marrying Dingdong Dantes, and now that she just gave birth to Zia.

Although the actress is busy with her schedule due to tapings, endorsements, and motherhood and being a loving wife, she still maintains her good physical condition.

That’s why Marian’s friend and doctor, Dr. Belo Medical Group (BMG)’s Vicki Belo (BMG) is always at the side of the actress to ensure that she does not have to worry about the changes that occur in her face and body throughout the seasons of her life.

Together, Marian and Dr. Belo make a formidable team that celebrates life and beauty, in its essence.

Nowadays, Marian encourages women like her in the early 30s, who have started anti-aging programs that will help slow the signs of aging. And Marian is advocating Belo Thermage in this goal.

Thermage is a revolutionary treatment that harnesses the power of RF technology.

This will result in a more delicate, smooth, and even complexion. Because of this, fine lines and wrinkles will reduce in appearance on anyone’s face. But this is of course, subject to this treatment.

Additionally, it improves collagen production so that in the next few days after treatment, the complexion will last for up to two years.

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