Dingdong, Marian and Zia are Hallo-winners

Since then, we know one of the celebrated holidays of Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes is Halloween.

He really wants to prepare costumes that are not just masks, but rather real costumes.

Before, in his home in Quezon City he had a Halloween party and he would definitely arrange his Halloween design home.

And he will be inviting friends of course, the guests will be in Halloween costume as they come. Obviously, Marian Rivera is super game to support Dingdong in his passion.

Well, the Dantes League is really trending. That even other celebrities liked, commented and reposted their picture (Dong, Marian and Zia) in costume.

Dingdong was Batman, a super-sexy and nice Catwoman is Marian and Zia is a very cute Little Batgirl!
We learned that the Dantes family attended a Halloween party for children at Dasma.

This is of course for their child whose every milestone they want to witness. Then, after that, they hosted their own Halloween party at home.

It’s fun to read comments on their Dantes League. Someone said it was obvious that the leader of the pack was nothing but Little Bat Girl Zia.

There is a suggestion that why not make the film of Batman and Catwoman both.