LOOK BACK: The cutest Celebrity kids in Halloween costume

Look back at the cutest celebrity kids in their Halloween costume.

Zia Dantes

Zia used to dress up as Snow White when she was still a little girl.

Marian Rivera and Zia Dantes

Scarlet Snow Belo

Scarlet Snow dressed up as Snow White. How fitting!

Scarlet Snow Belo

Nathaniel Alcasid

Regine Velasquez’ and Ogie Alcasid’s son Nathan dressed up as a fluffy Pikachu.

Nathaniel James Velasquez-Alcasid

Ellie Eigenmann

Ellie is lovely as Belle.

Ellie Eigenmann


Athena Uytingco

Athena is Tinkerbell with her mom Jennica.

Jennica and Athena Uytingco

Team Kramer

The Kramer kids are ready to rock!

Kramer Family

The Garcias

The Garcias dressed up as a “royal” family.

The Garcias

Zion Guttierez

Zion dressed up as one of his Dad’s characters.

Sarah Lahbati and Zion Gutierrez

Samantha Estrada

Priscilla Meirelles and John Estrada’s daughter Samantha is a cute princess.

Priscilla Meirelles and Samantha Estrada