Daddy Dong and Baby Zia at Euromonkeys gathering

While Mommy Marian is at work for her Sunday noontime show Sunday Pinasaya, Daddy Dong brings Baby Zia at the gathering of euromonkeys.

Euromonkeys are a group of people who share the same love of Motorcycle.

Celebrities like Dingdong Dantes, Dominic Roque and Richard Guttierrez are part of the group.

Here is a video posted by Dominic Roque. Baby Zia is so cute!

Though Both Dingdong and Marian are busy they make sure they will always have time for their family.

Daddy Dingdong also posted on his account.

Meanwhile, Super Ma’am is extended and will air until january of next year.

Super Ma’am is the top rating tv series amongs GMA’s Primetime show.

Congrats Super Ma’am!