Enrique asked Dingdong for love advice

The hit Star Cinema movie Seven Sundays showcases a star-studded cast. Among all the cast members, it was noticeable that Enrique and Dingdong got to know each other better while on set.

The two have previously worked together in a project She’s The One with Bea Alonzo. They are also, surprisingly, relatives!
How true is it that Enrique Gil asked Dingdong Dantes for love advice?

Well, as it turns out, it’s the other way around!

During his Bloggers Conference recently, Enrique’s “Seven Sundays” co-star Dingdong Dantes revealed:
“Si Enrique, millennial eh, nasa millennial stage na exciting ‘yung mga nangyayari sa kanila.”


He continued, “In fact, ako ‘yung kumukuha ng tips sa kanya para kung papaano maging mas young ‘yung samahan namin [ng wife ko, si Marian Rivera.]”

[Enrique is a millennial, exciting things are happening in his life. In fact, I was the one who got tips from him on how I can make my relationship with my wife more youthful.]

Dingdong obviously admires Enrique. They are open to each other to the point that being the “tito”, Dingdong didn’t mind getting tips from Enrique.

He pressed, “No but seriously…how he treats his mom, how he treats ‘yung mga katrabaho niya, doon mo makikita kung anong klaseng tao siya. Marami din akong natutunan sa kanya in that way. Hindi lang siya ‘yung may nakukuha sa akin. It’s a two-way thing.”


[No, but seriously…how he treats his mom, how he treats his co-workers, that’s where we can see how great of a person he is. I have learned a lot from him. It wasn’t just him who learned from me. It’s a two-way things.]

“Seven Sundays” tells the story of the four Bonifacio siblings (Dingdong Dantes, Cristine Reyes, Enrique Gil, and Aga Muhlach), who are forced to return to their childhood home when their Tatay Manuel (Ronaldo Valdez) is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.
The movie is still out in cinemas.