Dingdong Dantes on family: “Clingy Kami”

Despite being too busy, lacking sleep and rest, Dingdong Dantes still made his wife and daughter happy this weekend.

Dingdong admitted, with all the projects coming in, he almost has no time with Marian Rivera and his baby Zia.

He just rarely meets her wife, because they are both busy at work.

He’s in Alyas Robin Hood on GMA 7, and the last Star Cinema movie Seven Sundays, which still sells in the box office today, and Marian in Super Ma’am and in Tadhana on GMA 7.

Dong was somewhat guilty of his lack of time.

But, he talks with Marian and say, the teleserye they are doing now, will end, and it will not be for a lifetime.

But, because Dong is a dedicated father and husband, when he has little time really, he really squeezes time for his daughter and wife to be happy.

And last weekend, they suddenly broke the social media, especially Instagram, because of the photos of Marian, of course, their lovely and Insta-famouse daughter Zia.

“We’re clingy,” Dingdong’s simple caption on the photo of the three who had been in the swimming pool, and hugging each other tightly.

You can see a photo of a fun and healthy family on that photo, which really impresses fans and other celebrities as well.

As they say, it’s a happy and relaxing weekend for Dingdong Dantes family in San Benito farm in Batangas.

Marian also posted a series of photos where you can really feel that she’s very happy with how they spent their weekend.

However, one who takes all the attention of their followers is Zia’s beauty queen pose.

So Dong’s followers agreed to call her ‘Little Miss Philippines’.


Source: Abante