Proof that Cristine Did not ignore Marian

It’s been weeks since the rumor that Cristine Reyes ignores Marian Rivera-Dantes during the premiere night of Seven Sundays spread in social media.

Marian already clarified that the rumor is malicious and not true. Cristine indeed greeted her at the event, and there is no issue whatsoever between them.

They greeted eachother not caught on camera. And some people quicky assumed Cristine snobbed Marian.

To finally end this malicious rumor here is the proof of the two greeting eachother.

Cristine greets Marian..


And here’s another one..


As you may all remember, Cristine Reyes was part of Marimar cast for a few episode.

10 years ago, she played the role of Kim Chan. Sergio’s ex-girlfriend.

We hope once and for all this rumor will be put to rest.